Boards in all grades and species:

  • SPF (Spruce/Pine/Fir) KDHT
  • Eastern White Pine
  • Ponderosa Pine
  • SYP (Southern Yellow Pine)
  • Hem Fir
  • Non Structural LSL (Laminated Strand Lumber)
  • Doug Fir
  • Rough Green Hardwood – Mixed Hardwoods

All boards are sold in full units or job lot quantities.

Panel Products in 3/8”, 1/2”, 5/8”, and 3/4" 4x8 sheets

  • Plywood in RWS Select, CDX, and Cabinet grade
  • OSB

Hardwood Blocking Lumber

  • Dimension Hardwood Lumber and Timbers
  • Deckboards
  • Stringers (Notched and Un-Notched)
  • Custom Cradles, Wedges and Grooved Banding Boards

RWS Services:

  • Precision cut to length
  • Panel products cut to size
  • Resawing
  • Ripping
  • Banding grooves
  • H T and WSPM Stamping
  • Custom Pallets/Custom Crates
  • Full unit shipments without paying for full truckload quantities
  • Mill direct shipments